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Minimalist Bottle Holder

Minimalist Bottle Holder

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Artfully arrange your bar area with this minimalist, decorative bottle holder showcasing a beautiful design and smooth chic, wavy finish.

MINIMALIST DESIGN. Simplicity, clean lines, monochromatic accent, and minimalist styling make this wine bottle holder an essential piece for modern decor.  

MULTI-PURPOSE AND FUNCTIONAL. This elegant bottle holder design allowed any bottle (wine, tequila, etc) to rest with style. Simply enjoy it for its luminous beauty as a decoration accessory.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. Each piece is made at a time using expertly processed recycled aluminum alloy finishing with multi-step polishing creating a piece of artwork with a balance of functionality and modern design.

ECO-FRIENDLY.  A sustainable product made of recycled aluminum that helps reduce energy usage during the making process while decreasing landfill waste.

ARTWORK. This bottle holder hits a high note with its wavy, elongated, minimalist shape and hand-cast chic finish, an artistic addition to any bar or tabletop. Make it unique down to the last detail. 

Dimensions: 9" x 3" x 2"

Weight: 5.5 oz.

Directions: Wipe with a dry cloth. Hand-wash only. 

* Bottle not included.

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