Tips to Decor Your Home with Candle Holder Set

Candle holder sets are unique home decor items that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. They will not only support and offer a base to your candles but also add a charming vibe to your home decor. They will enhance the overall vibe of your house from the kitchen, dining room, and living room to the bathroom.

Let’s look at the ways you can decorate your home with candle holders:

In the Kitchen

When you decorate your kitchen with candle holders, ensure that it matches your room decor style and color scheme. You can use decorative candle holders to match your kitchen’s colors. If you have limited space, you can use small candle coasters and scatter them throughout the counter. 

On the Dining Table

Whether your dining room is casual or elegant, candle holder sets will make it feel more welcoming and comfortable. When choosing a candle for your dining table, always opt for unscented ones, as the last thing you want is random scent swirling when your guest are eating. 

For a classier and fancier look, you can incorporate candle holders into a large centerpiece with the use of a long skinny box or tray. If you want a more casual look, add short-cylinder candles. 

In the Living Room

Your living room should have inviting, sociable, and relaxing vibes. Place your favorite candles on top of decorative candle holders on the coffee table with other small tabletop accents. It will add a sense of relaxation and warmth when sitting on the couch. You can place the candle holder coaster on top of the book for a unique look. Place various candles in the fireplace to create an eye-catching and stunning focus in the room.

In the Bedroom

While you must be more cautious about burning candles in your bedroom, you can enhance the decor with candle holders. You can place numerous candles on your bedside table on top of a sleek decorative candle holder. All these candles can be the same, or you can play with different sizes and colors. Remember, don’t mix different scents.

You can also place candles on top of your dresser. Alternatively, you can use a candle holder coaster and tray to keep and organize your accessories. 

In the Bathroom

A candle holder set can be an excellent and unique bathroom accessory. Adding a few candles to your bathroom can make the space look cozier and more relaxing. You can place various candles on a holder on the bath tray to give it a more spa-like appearance. You can also put them on top of the sink for a more casual look. 

Bottom Line

Adding some candles and candle holder sets can enhance the overall appeal of your home decor. Consider the tips shared above before you make any changes. 

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