Olive wood cutting board

Ensure food safety and hygiene with olive wood cutting board

For eons, olive wood has been utilized for food preparation and cooking. In ancient times, both Romans and Greeks used olive wood for making serving items and tableware. In recent periods, kitchen cutting boards made with olive wood are increasingly gaining popularity in the US and Europe.

Ensure food safety and less noise with the durable and multipurpose cutting board crafted with olive wood

Owing to its sturdiness, longevity, practicality, and aesthetic appeal of unique grain patterns, such cutting boards of Mediterranean olive wood helped us to enrich our cooking and dining experience. The reputed culinary brand, Choixe is the best store to buy the multifunctional, top-quality, stylish, and timeless home accessory of olive wood cutting board that is sustainably derived from the wood of olive trees. This unique cutting board’s shallow and spill-free design permits simpler tossing and serving of ingredients while being best for preparing and serving salads.

Let’s go through the distinct benefits of using cutting boards made with olive wood:

  1. Sustainable and Durable With an Attractive Grain Pattern

Olive wood is made from sustainably derived material, hence lasts long and offers a robust appearance. Thus, cutting boards and other kitchen essentials are crafted with hardwood, which is sourced from mature olive trees, which no longer bear fruits. With proper maintenance, such cutting boards from olive wood can last for a lifetime. Again, the highly attractive and rich gain patterns are unique for each cutting board, and never the same. Such durable olive wood kitchen boards for cutting never crack or split over time, unlike bamboo or plastic ones.

  1. Premium-Quality and Multifunctional

Such cutting boards made from olive wood are highly functional, feasible, stylish, and timeless. Every board is crafted with highly durable and tough wood that is exquisitely sanded and shaped. Subsequently, the boards are polished with olive oil to moisturize the surface and showcase the attractive grain pattern and color. This multipurpose kitchen accessory can be used as a cutting board and as a serving board for fruit, cheese, and cold meats. What’s more! Delivering a touch of unique Mediterranean style, it can also serve as a tabletop décor for the kitchens.

  1. Antimicrobial Features and Knife-Friendly

Again, these olive wood boards offer natural antibacterial attributes, which makes them resistant to pathogens and bacteria. Thus, such cutting boards make them superb for keeping the food clean and hygienic. Moreover, the surface of the wood is less abrasive than other materials like plastic, hence helping to keep the knives sharp for a longer period. The unique design and robustness of the wooden surface help to protect the edges from sharp knives, unlike the plastic boards.

  1. Enhanced Safety of Food and Less Noise

Studies suggested that wood-based cutting boards are safer than plastic ones, as they do not shelter bacteria. Again, dissimilar to the plastic boards that make a lot of noise while cutting and slicing fresh veggies and fruits, the natural wooden cutting boards prevent such sounds and echoes.

Trust Choixe as the best store to buy an eco-friendly olive wood cutting board that offers a feel of Mediterranean essence to your kitchen

  1. Uniqueness with Unmatched Craftsmanship

As these wooden cutting boards for the kitchens are derived from natural material and handcrafted, they ensure unrivaled craftsmanship. Besides, the natural variations in the color and grain pattern of the wood make each of these cutting boards a unique piece of accessory. The highly proficient artisans select each wood piece cautiously and meticulously carve exclusive and attractive polish to such practicable cutting boards. Such unmatched craftsmanship offers prolonged durability to the cutting boards for years to come if not generations.

In A Nutshell

Choixe's authentic olive wood cutting board brings a touch of exquisite Mediterranean décor to your kitchenette. The stunning natural patterning of olive wood makes such kitchen accessories highly practicable items, which bring a unique character and warmth. Made with recyclable resources, and robust, and long-lasting materials, such cutting boards serve for a prolonged time. Moreover, such olive wood boards also enhance the gastronomic experience for the homemakers, while showcasing a unique aesthetic appeal for the kitchen spaces.  One needs to maintain such boards by hand-washing them and drying them completely. Again, one should regularly oil them with food-safe mineral oil, but never soak them in water, thus ensuring their longevity.  

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