A Brief Guide to Recycled Aluminum Process

At Choixe, we bring you stylish, contemporary, and minimalist accessories that you can utilize as kitchenware, bath, and home office accessories and decorative pieces. They are manufactured from recycled aluminum or pewter handcraft. They are both decorative and functional. 

Continue to read to explore more about our recycled aluminum process. 

Production Process

As mentioned above, recycled aluminum, also known as Pewter, is used to manufacture our trendy decorative items. In an oven/container, aluminum foundry takes place at 1,300 degrees (700 Celsius). The container has a capacity of 220 pounds per batch, and the process takes around one hour. 

In the next step, the molds are placed in the sandbox. Now, liquid aluminum is poured into the sandbox via a high-temperature container. Experienced and skilled sand-cast artisans carry out the process with strict safety measures. It takes at least 20 minutes for the liquid aluminum to take a solid form. Once these pieces cool off, they are removed from the mold. Now, the molds are cleaned to remove sand, scarp, and deburring aluminum. They are ready for the last process: polishing.

The polishing equipment is a bench motor with a shaft, pulley, and polishing cloth. The polishing cloth is a thick cotton blanket fabric. The polishing process is carried out in two stages:

After the polishing process is completed, they are transferred to an assembly area if the piece requires assembly or perforation. A final quality inspection is conducted, and if the piece successfully passes the test, it is packaged for shipping. 

Design Process

In the design process, the artist draws and sketches each piece. They then prepare a mold of a plaster cast. If the replicate mold can be made of wood, glass, and plastic in a plaster cast, a minor modification is made to make it workable for the aluminum foundry. It is a very artistic part of the entire process. Several plaster casts can be made before the original is finalized for the aluminum cast. 

Production Time

From the first sketch, making a plaster cast to preparing the original and final mold for the aluminum cast, the entire process can take days.

Final Product

Choixe brings you one of the best designed, sleek, and modern functional and decorative accessories. Due to the artisanal process, no two pieces look the same. Decorate your home and office with our recycled, sustainable, stylish, and minimalistic items. 

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